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Spenser loves to teach children about the fabulous cities in America that he visits with Mom.

SpenserNation provides free lesson plans for grades Pre-K through 2nd. Subjects include language arts, social studies, math, science, and fine arts. Become a member to receive access to these free files and more!

Suggestions to use Spenser books in the classroom include:

Spenser Days

Designate a school day as Spenser Day. Fridays work particularly well. Generate excitement by counting down to Spenser Day. Send notes home so that children come dressed in clothing that approximates what Spenser is wearing on the cover of the book you choose. Read the Spenser book together. Using the lesson plans provided, teach all subjects that day using the Spenser book. Reward children by adding the At-Home Tour (must be registered as a parent) or including games from the Birthday Party. Ask children to email Spenser and tell him of their fun day. This is a great opportunity to get parents involved. Ask for volunteers to help celebrate Spenser Day.

School Visits

Spenser loves to visit schools and read his stories to children. To find out when we might be in your area and arrange for a visit, email info@spensernation.com.

Spenser's Birthday Party

Every year on (or around) September 29 we celebrate Spenser's birthday. Invitations, decorations, and suggested games and refreshments can be downloaded free when you become a member of SpenserNation. The purpose of the annual celebration is to collect food for local food banks; have children bring cans of food as gifts for Spenser. Help children learn that having fun and serving others can go hand-in-hand. Children that host one of these parties can send Spenser an invitation and he will send them an autographed photo.

School/PTA Book Sales

Spenser books are available to PTA's, school administrations, churches, and other organizations at a discount. If your organization is interested in having a Spenser Book Sale, please contact booksales@spensernation.com All books come autographed by Spenser and with a discount coupon for a future Spenser book. This is an excellent fundraiser for a school. Funds raised could purchase library books, music or art supplies, or be donated to the local food bank.

Field Trip Ideas

Field trip ideas are available to members of SpenserNation. Suggestions are related to places Spenser visits in the selected book and should be available in your local or regional community. Make the field trip a "Spenser Trip" by asking the children to all wear the color Spenser is wearing on the book cover. Read the Spenser story before the field trip and make the correlations with the children so they understand.

Spenserís CanQuest

CanQuestSpenser and the entire SpenserNation team are committed to addressing the problem of childhood hunger in our country. Spenser and Mom work in the food banks that they visit all across the country. But the CanQuest Food Drive is something Spenser wants to do on his own. And he invites children everywhere to help him. Click the CanQuest icon to visit the Operation Hungry Child website and learn more about Spenser's CanQuest or add your donation to our CanCount!

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