Welcome Spenser's Friends

My name is Spenser. This is a special website for my friends. You can check back here often to see what I'm doing.

In case we haven't met before, I am a dog, but don't tell my mom that because she thinks I am a real person. Mom is always ready to go exploring and because I am her best friend, she often takes me with her.

We write a story about each city we visit. Mom likes to be sure that I learn all I can about the history, geography, and culture of the area.

And, always, when Mom and I travel, we try to find a way to help children. Mom is also teaching me how to take care of our world and so, on each trip, we have a new topic for me to learn and a new activity for me to do. I hope you will do these with me. It's always more fun to do things when you have friends that do them, too.

Spenser's Point Game

Click on a city below to download the points game for that city (PDF file).

Spenserís CanQuest


Spenser and the entire SpenserNation team are committed to addressing the problem of childhood hunger in our country. Spenser and Mom work in the food banks that they visit all across the country. But the CanQuest Food Drive is something Spenser wants to do on his own. And he invites children everywhere to help him. Click the CanQuest icon to visit the Operation Hungry Child website and learn more about Spenser's CanQuest or add your donation to our CanCount!

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