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Is Spenser a real dog?

Yes, Spenser is a real living breathing dog.

What kind of dog is Spenser?

Spenser is a Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie.

How old is Spenser?

Spenser is eleven years old. He was born on September 29, 1999, and loves to celebrate his birthday.

Does Spenser travel as much as his stories sound like?

Spenser travels almost every week with Mom. He has over a million miles of airline travel and many, many miles in the car with Mom.


Is Mom a real person?

Yes, she is a real person. She is Mom to Spenser and to his brothers and sister.

Does Mom really help Spenser write his books?

Yes, she does help Spenser, but donít let him know you asked that question. He would be insulted.

Why does Mom care so much about hungry children?

Mom cares for all children but she especially worries about children right here in this country that donít get enough to eat. Hunger really hurts a child. It can cause their body and their brain to not develop properly. Mom thinks it is very important that we tell people about hunger in our country. Many people donít know that we have hungry children right here!


Does Portland really have a tall mountain that watches over it?

Yes, it does have a tall mountain, Mt. Hood.

Did Portland really get named by flipping a coin?

According to the stories, that is exactly how Portland got its name.

What is Spenserís favorite part of the Portland trip?

Well, besides the ice cream, Spenser really liked looking down at the Columbia River gorge from up high where he was safely in Momís arms.

St. Louis

Which unusual animal did Spenser like most?

Spenser loved the big eagles and all of the pretty butterflies but he was most excited about the giant horses. The Clydesdales are beautiful horses. They have four legs and a tail like Spenser and they have soft fur. I think he liked them most because they were like him in so many ways.

Does concrete really stay in the cup when you turn it upside down?

Ted Drewesí frozen custard is famous for staying in the cup.

Do the Boy Scouts really collect food in St. Louis?

The Scouting for Food drive was the first in the country to be held by Boy Scouts. Other cities have these food drives now. The St. Louis drive is the largest.

Operation Hungry Child

What is Operation Hungry Child?

A non-profit organization affiliated with SpenserNation that raises money to support specific needs of child hunger programs in the United States

What are some examples of Operation Hungry Childís work?

Operation Hungry Child has donated money to the Kids Cafť program in Savannah, Georgia. This program provides adult supervision, nutrition education, and hot meals to at-risk school children. The OHC money was used to buy hula hoops, bingo games, and other items to help teach the children about healthy lifestyles.

Operation Hungry Child also donated money to the El Paso food bank to support the nutrition education program in Portland public schools. The nutritionist plans to teach healthy, inexpensive snacking by letting the children make peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wheat bread and teaching about the nutritional value of this snack.

How does Operation Hungry Child raise money?

Operation Hungry Child leads a fund-raising campaign each year asking individuals to contribute to this valuable organization. Grants are also received from foundations and fund-raising activities are held.

Grown-up Stuff

Where can I get a copy of one of Spenserís books?

Spenserís books are available online at or by calling our customer service number at 800.247.6553. Books are also available at,, and other online stores. If you live in one of the cities, Spenser writes about, you should be able to find his books in your local bookstore.

Does Spenser visit schools or other local places?

Spenser loves to visit and read to school children. He often does this in conjunction with a food drive to benefit the local foodbank. Contact Spenser at spenser@spensernation.

How does Spenser decide where to visit?

Spenser and Mom travel all over the country. The cities chosen are carefully researched and selected for different reasons.

What books does Spenser have planned for the future?

Spenser plans to continue writing books about the great places in America. A book about the whole United States of America is planned for summer of 2011. He is very excited about telling his friends about our special country. Philadelphia and Hollywood are planned. And Spenser will begin visiting areas that donít have a single big city as he goes out west to Montana and Wyoming and as he explores the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.

What percentage of the profits does Spenser donate to the local foodbank?

Spenser donates 100% of his share of the royalties on each book. Author royalties are usually 5%.


Why is Savannah called a Blue Ribbon City?

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in our country and many things happened first in Savannah. Spenser likes the idea of being first so likes to share these blue ribbon ideas with his friends.

Is St Patrick's Day really big in Savannah?

Yes, Savannah has the second largest Irish population per capita in the country and the second (or third depending on who is counting) parade. Besides being a proud march of Irish families, local bands, Shrine units, and military units, Savannah welcomes bagpipe units from Ireland, New York, New Jersey, and other parts of the country. The Budweiser Clydesdales (like in Spenser's St Louis book) are always a big hit.

Does Spenser really live in Savannah?

Yes, Spenser was born and still lives in Savannah. His mother and all of his two legged brothers and sisters were also born and live in Savannah. We are a Savannah family. And we hope that you get to visit Savannah one day.

El Paso

Why is the El Paso book also available in Spanish?

El Paso is located on our border with Mexico and many of the people in the area have Hispanic heritage. Spenser also visited Mexico in the El Paso book so we thought it was very appropriate for this to be our first book to be translated into Spanish.

Little Friends

Why did Spenser start writing the Little Friends books?

Spenser meets many younger brothers and sisters of his friends. They aren't really old enough to enjoy the Spenser books so he thought it would be fun to write books especially for them.

What is the point of the Little Friends books?

The Little Friends books are repetitive and rhythmic so that children can easily learn and repeat them. This repetition is reinforced with flashcards that may be downloaded from and used to help teach the child word recognition.
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