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  • Spenser and Mom are very excited to be visiting Ridge Road Primary School in Sandersville, GA, this week. We will be reading the children Spenser's story about America. They are very excited that we are coming. They've had a book sale, a canned food drive, and a coloring contest. Spenser is taking prizes for the winners!
  • Spenser is busy working with backpack programs to help feed hungry children over the weekend. When school starts, all of these programs and their many dedicated volunteers get very busy buying portion-sized foods, packing them in backpacks, and delivering them to school each Friday afternoon. Spenser loves being involved with Operation Hungry Child in helping these volunteers provide for hungry children.
  • When making gift lists, don't forget Spenser's newest books - Spenser's America and Spenser Loves America, both available through this website or at your favorite retail outlet.
Operation Hungry Child

Mom and Spenser are dedicated to helping hungry children. This week some of the children in Sandersville are joining us to collect food to stock the food pantries in their town. We know there are many hungry children and are proud of the RRP students who are helping Spenser and Mom with fulfill their mission.

All author proceeds from Spenser books are returned to the Feeding America food bank in the local community that feeds the area's hungry children.

It's that time of year again and Operation Hungry Child is filling grant requests from programs that benefit American children. We are very involved with Backpack programs in several cities. If you know of a program that could use some financial support, please let us know. Visit our sister site to learn more about how you can help!

Operation Hungry Child
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